Arizona Hot Springs

Arizona hot springs is a place that I visited as a Boy Scout and now it is a place that I take my own boy scouts to each year. We have enjoyed the springs just recently last week and I was pleased to see a 3rd pool! Normally there are just 2 pools: One very hot and one mild. Now there are 3 pools with temperatures ranging from 95-100-110.

When we hiked down on Friday night, the boys all set up their tents and we made our way down to the springs to enjoy the relaxation from our long hike down. After an hour, the boys went up to their tents while Mike, Teancum and I stayed behind. Since it was quite cold, I was not excited to get out so soon!

In the morning, we enjoyed a nice dip into the pools before heading back up. This is a great annual tradition that I never get tired of.

Check out some pictures:

Jason and Zach below are the best of friends and came down here at 3am because they were too cold in their tents!


Teancum is our newest scout and he was very excited for this trip. He spent the longest than anyone in the springs




Below is a cool picture looking up from the bottom pool.




Group of scouts enjoying the springs




My trusty assistant scoutmaster, Mike!


Some of the boys climbing into the middle pool (about 100 degrees)


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