Gold Strike Hot Springs

Okay so I took about 12 boys to the Nevada hot springs below Hoover Dam. It was about a 2 mile hike in and the boys loved it. I kept telling everyone that they needed to have a gallon of water for getting down there and getting out. With sitting in the hot springs, you only have to sit for awhile before having all of your water sweated out of your system. So needless to say, I wanted to make sure every boy got in and out with plenty of water!

Let me tell you how it all went in a series of events…

At 4pm we left my house to drive down to the parking area 30-minutes away. When we got there, I made sure each boy had enough water to get down and back. After getting all of our packs on, we hiked down to the hot springs, which took almost 2 hours. After setting up camp, we got into our swim suits and got into the hot springs to play around. I brought a bunch of glow sticks and candles which the boys loved. There was also a cave in which we could swim into to experience water about 20 degrees hotter than the main pool.

I literally was in that water for 5-hours! We were waiting for another group to come down so I waited for them instead of going to bed. Anyways, we all had a blast and went to bed around midnight. In the morning, we enjoyed the hot springs some more before one group hiked back. I took a group of boys hiking down to the Colorado River which they liked. We literally ran all of the way down the trail. I am proud that I can hike just as fast or faster than I could when I was a kid. I hope and pray I have that energy for a long time.

After going to the river, we hiked to camp, got our packs, and then hiked back up to my truck. It took us an hour to hike up! That was 45 minutes than hiking down…which is easier! I was thrilled that they were catching on so quick. Once we got to the truck, we went to Darry Queen to get some blizzards before heading back to Vegas.

The boys had a lot of fun on this trip and I can say with confidence that this was one campout that was a true success. Check out some pictures!

IMG_2702 IMG_2632 IMG_2642 IMG_2686 IMG_2647 IMG_2666

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