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The great outdoors.  It is called great because the space is infinite.  You never hear “the great indoors” do you?  This blog is dedicated to everything and anything that can be done outdoors that provides adventure and great campfire stories for many years to come. As a boy I got to camp a lot.  I camped and fished with my family. Although I am not fond of fishing….just because I can’t catch anything…I am glad to do it with my dad. It also provides time to reflect and ponder. I grew up out in rural Arizona and like many out there I loved the land and the beautiful sunsets. I have been able to explore throughout the Great West and also the Midwest and have camped in many dirty hard to reach areas and have great stories to tell and also would love to hear your stories!

This blog will be about my adventures but can also be about yours if you want to contact me to submit stories for review…let me know.

The great outdoors offers camping. Some people may not like roughing it. Being away from the shower and some nice food laid out on the table can be rough..even myself as an avid camper miss the luxuries of modern living when I am camping. I never regret it however. There is much to be gained by being out in nature and connecting with one’s self. Living in the city has it’s perks but it is needful to get away from ‘it all’ and get some clarity and there is no better way to do it than to go out and breath that air and clear the mind!

Off-roading at its best! Yep, I like to off-road and do it every chance I get. I got to buy my very own Ford Raptor a few years ago and I’ve never looked back….. Partly because it’s hard to look back when you’re flying through the desert at 80 miles an hour trying to hit the jump at the perfect angle! My friends have their trucks and I’ve got my truck and there is no better way to spend an afternoon then to go out in the sticks and see what you are made of. Whether I’m flying through the desert hitting the jumps and the moguls or I am climbing a steep incline in 4-wheel and my back differential locked …it is one heck of a time to be out and overcoming the challenges of the road or should I say the rugged stretch ‘off‘ of the road. There is lots to see and do when you have four-wheel-drive and a will that will not be broken by any incline or sandy ditch. I like to take my family camping in places that most others can’t go. It gives me the privacy and the solitude I am looking for and the pride knowing that no one else can follow me. Yes there is a little pride in knowing that you can get somewhere someone else can’t.

Do you like to hunt? Yeah, well so do I. Growing up in the desert I got to hunt quail, snake and a lot of other varmints that roam the desert floor. Recently I got to take up big-game hunting. I think the only game part of it was that the animals around me didn’t know if I was playing games or if I was serious and frankly neither did I. I guess you need more than just a gun to go out and be successful. Statistics have shown that hunting has gone down throughout the US as a whole and I think that is because more and more people are going to the cities and leaving the roots behind them and unfortunately the rising generation has less of an interest in the sport. 

The Boy Scouts of America is a fun group. Since I was a boy I’ve been in scouts and now after serving in various positions in scout troops I have finally been made a scoutmaster which scares the living daylights out of me! I was there to have fun and not to lead! But Scouting is fun and I hope to be able to share with you some of my adventures with the boys. There is a lot a boy can learn from being outdoors and learning how to hunt, fish, row a boat, hike 50 miles or do any other manly thing we all wish we could do. Yes I think the best way for a boy to learn to be a man is to learn in the outdoors.

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