Our Campout at Knob Hill…again

Okay so I took the boy scouts on another adventure last weekend. I don’t know why I did not take any pictures…oh wait, I do. I am now the scoutmaster and have WAY TOO MANY things on my mind nowadays and forget about pictures. Anyways, we left my place at 4:30pm which was 15-minutes late…not bad considering…

We drove 40 minutes towards Searchlight, NV until we reached the power lines and then followed the power line road for about 6 miles until we reached the granite outcropping.

Rocky Hill

Once we reached that point I quickly claimed the BEST campsite in the area. Oh baby was I happy about it! Why is it the best? It is next to the biggest and coolest rock in the area and provides tons of shade in the morning hours so you can enjoy breakfast out of the sunlight. Anyone who knows me well knows I hate being in the sun.

So we set up camp and the boys played on the rocks and had a good time together. We then gathered around the fire to cook our tin-foil dinners and eat some good grub. My wife had fixed me a chicken, potato, carrot, mushroom and onion dinner with mesquite seasoning…my favorite. After dinner we had a little campfire devotional where I had the scoutmaster’s minute at the end. I told a story and threw some gun powder on the fire for some great effect.  :)

After that I told some scary stories to the boys before going out into the desert and playing ‘capture the flag’. Can you believe they wanted to go to bed?? Well, me and my assistant cured them of that real quick when they started to see how much fun it is to play this game.

In case you did not know, to play this game you need to have flags or glow sticks. Each team hides their glow stick in a safe area but it is still visible to the other team. We then assign people to stay back and guard the stick while the other ones go and try and capture the other side’s flag and bring it back undetected. It was a lot of fun!

In the morning we had a huge breakfast and then I took the boys on a compass treasure hunt. We divided into patrols and they each went out and mapped out a course for the other team and then hid the treasure. We then switched maps and went after it. We had fun and came back tired.

I must say that I was tired and frustrated for the rest of the day. Being a scoutmaster is hard and it is awkward at times. I just don’t feel up to the challenge most of the time.

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