My Campout at Knob Hill

Knob Hill is just one of those places that any boy and man will love. Situated 30-minutes outside of Henderson it has a ton of rocky mountains and caves with interlocking tunnels and places to hide that is the ultimate ‘Tom Sawyer’ adventure. Check out some of the gang below.¬†Guess which one is my son?


I have been to tho excellent camping retreat more than once and it is a great place to take your scout troop, which was in my case, or your family. I like the fact that it is so close to home yet out in the middle of nowhere and secluded. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Bring 4-wheel drive. I drove my Raptor across the rugged terrain and the boys loved the jumps and dips in the road and we were able to catch a little ‘air’ on some of the jumps which is always a lot of fun.
  2. Bring water. Yes, you are out in the desert and it gets hot and there are no services so don’t skimp on the fluids!
  3. You can have a fire. This is important because a lot of sites do not allow fires because of forrest fire problems. Here this will not be an issue.
  4. Directions are important. Look up the directions for best results and remember that it is after the Nelson turn-off but before the Keyhole Canyon turn-off.

Happy trails and camping under the stars!

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