Hiking Charleston Loop…on a granola bar…

Have you ever hiked 18 miles and been tired out of your mind? How about hiking 18 miles with no supplies except a granola bar? Well, that was me alright. Me and my buddy Spencer had decided to spend the day at Mount Charleston to do some exploring and on the spur of the moment made a quick decision… to hike the almost 12,000 foot summit! Only after making it 9 miles or so did I realize that I had only brought water and a single granola bar. The water was plenteous but the rations? Let me just say that hiking a mountain straight up and around takes a lot of energy! That granola bar had about 200 calories and I needed about 4,000 calories and it was by far the most grueling and nightmarish hiking trip I have ever done.

At the top of the summit I was happy to be going down from then on, but the hike along the mountain range to get to the switch backs was exhausting and the final hike down that trail was so hard I had to have the help of my friend to walk at times. It did not help that he was a foot taller than I and had a long stride which was difficult to keep up with!!!

When we got to the bottom of the trail it was high time to get some grub and we found a nice steakhouse to fill our bellies and low energy reserves. That steak never tasted so good in my life!!

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