Canoeing Merit Badge at Camp Raymond

2 months ago I got to go with my scouts to Camp Raymond in Flagstaff Arizona and one of the merit badges that they did was canoeing…one of my favorites also. I remember over 20 years ago when I received the same badge and it was fun to watch!

I watched on the bank as the boys went out on the canoes with eagerness to begin their training. The weather was perfect and the water was not too cold…anyways for a hot summer day it was perfect!


One of the things they did was work in 2 sets of pairs. Each canoe had 2 boys and while one canoe stayed upright the second canoe would voluntarily capsize! After being dumped in the water the boys in the water would guide their canoe over to the upright canoe to be rescued. The way to do it was simple:

All one had to do was turn the swamped canoe over upside down and then a boy would lift one end onto the middle of the upright canoe and then slowly with the help of the other boys would pull the canoe out of the water onto the upright canoe. Once this was accomplished the canoe was then turned over and aloud to slide back into the water ready for the boys to scramble back in! Simple, huh?


Needless to say this was a very fun thing to do and the boys loved it as you can see from the pictures. I am proud to say that all of my scouts passed with flying colors and if I am ever dumped into the water I know who I can count on to rescue me! You really are in good company if you have a bunch of people around you who know life saving skills and can give you a helping hand when you need it.







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