Camping in the City of Henderson

Who camps in the city anyways? Well we did (I was not scoutmaster at the time or this would never have happened…ever). You might as well had somebody at a limo company chauffeur the boys…and if you are one of those weirdos then check out my friends here and they will hook you up if you mention my name. But I’m not going to do it…not anywhere near Las Vegas real estate!

So here we were at a park in Green Valley near homes for sale in Carson Valley…camping or really just hanging out at a park and camping there. I had a good time with the boys but when I go camping I like to leave the city limits at least. We played night games and looked for hidden objects which was fun as well. The park was equipped with tent pads, water, bathrooms, a little eating area and lots of grass. We played on the grass and explored the gullies nearby. When I nestled into my sleeping bag I couldn’t help but think that I could just sneak away to my house (5-minutes away) and sleep in my very own bed and then sneak back before everyone woke up. I didn’t do it but I was sure tempted to!

If you are interested in camping in the city please don’t invite me because I will be out in the wilderness teaching my boys to survive off the land. That’s how I was raised and so it will be hard to break me from it and I guess that is why they made me Scoutmaster last week which scares me to death! I was perfectly content to sit back, watch and go camping when I had the time. Now it is up to ME to create awesome campouts outside of the city. I will let you know how it goes! We are going back to Knob Hill next week.

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